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Considerations for Charitable Giving

Considerations for Charitable Giving

February 15, 2022

Any endeavor worth undertaking, especially one that may affect others, deserves our careful consideration before we begin. When contemplating charitable giving, think about the following points:

  • Choose Your Causes. Worthy causes abound and regularly solicit our time and money. Choose a few organizations that focus on areas that are meaningful to you, and then research what kind of help is needed.
  • Budget Your Gifts. When planning your annual budget, include charitable gifts. Distributing your donations throughout the year may lessen the impact on your finances and increase your total giving.
  • Plan Your Volunteer Activities. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, especially when you’re able to see the fruits of your labor. Carefully determine the time you have available to ensure your best efforts for the cause. Avoid taking on too much.
  • Review Your Plans. Just as you review your annual financial budget, review your annual time and value budget. Revise your volunteer commitments to include only those where the rewards have been the greatest for both you and your cause. Think quality rather than quantity.

Through our gifts of time and money, we may create better communities and a better world. The time spent formulating your charitable giving strategy can help you maximize the effect you have on the causes and organizations that are closest to your heart.

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