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What Our Clients Are Saying

These statements are testimonials by the clients of the financial professional as of 08/21/2023. These clients have not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the clients do not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonials.

"I am overall very pleased with Adara Wealth Management. I have been a client of Adam and George for over 30 years and have always appreciated their expertise and advice. Since the advent of Adara, I have enjoyed the new culture of a more nimble, supportive, and customer-driven environment. Look forward to many more years together."

- Jared F. -

"Adam Goldstein, George Chardukian, and the entire team at Adara Wealth truly treat you like family. We always have felt like we are their only clients whenever we call or come in. Most recently, Adam dropped everything to make sure we closed on our property on time even through the Title company did not communicate with them in a timely manner. I was so worried, but Adam calmly told me everything was going to be just fine and he would take care of it. He worked over the weekend and followed through to completion. The Adara Team are pillars in our Tucson community and are skilled, professional and dedicated to their clients. They have been there for us for nearly two decades and we look forward to many more years together."

- Laila H. -

"Since my husband and I have partnered with Adam Goldstein and Adara Wealth Management, we have been blessed to be able to:

- Retire on OUR schedule

- Delay drawing social security till age 70 thereby increasing monthly allotment

- Put our two grandsons through college (with one more year to go for the younger one)

- Support the Christian School our grandsons attended in Prescott

- Travel to some of the most wonderful places in our great nation

- Make some needed updates to our beautiful home

- Join Adara in supporting our community

- Forge deep and lasting professional and personal relationships with the Adara team.

And these are just the highlights. There are too many benefits to list in this small space. Thank you ADARA Family for having our backs so we can spend our valuable time enjoying retirement without worrying about what our money is doing!!!!!"

- Trish L. -