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Making Spirits Bright During the Holidays

December 06, 2021

Most people associate the holidays with a time for giving, sharing heartwarming moments with loved ones, and embracing the overall high spirits of those around us. But for those who are not necessarily close with friends and relatives, or who have difficulty spending time with them, this time of year can be stressful.

At the same time, it’s important to embrace the warmth this season has to offer, even if you aren’t quite sure how.

Learn to listen.

When a friend or relative stirs up trouble with you for seemingly no reason, it’s most likely because they are dealing with something themselves. Instead of taking offense and becoming defensive, offer your ear.

Be helpful, not critical.

If you can see that your loved one is struggling with dinner or getting things organized, don’t make it a point to highlight their struggles. Instead, offer a hand and ask them where you can help. It takes a village to make sure the holidays can go off without a hitch, so be sure to do your part.


Most holiday spats are caused when friends and relatives differ on how things should be done. The turkey needs 8 hours in the oven at a lower temperature instead of 5, or the gift limit should be $20, not $50. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree, and try your best to find common ground. If someone gets their way on a particular issue, see to it that you have it your way on another.

Take time for yourself.

The most important part of managing stress during the holiday season is remembering to make time for you. Stay on top of activities you enjoy, take a break to be by yourself for a little while, and don’t neglect yourself mentally and physically. If you’re feeling rundown, make sure you take a step back.

Don’t focus on what you can’t control.

There are plenty of variables throughout the season that you can either let bring you stress or learn to let go of. If the perfect gift you had for your grandmother is sold out, recognize that she’ll appreciate anything you give her. If you realize you burnt the stuffing ten minutes before dinner, be grateful for the food you have left.


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