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The Importance of Financial Independence for Adults with Disabilities

The Importance of Financial Independence for Adults with Disabilities

October 11, 2022

Disabilities may make it challenging to secure a job or stay financially stable. Luckily, there are now more ways than ever for adults with disabilities to gain their financial independence. Here are some important reasons adults with disabilities may consider pursuing financial freedom and the potential benefits of taking charge of your finances.


The goal of financial independence is to no longer require assistance from outside sources to support yourself and your budgetary needs. You want to be able to take care of yourself and your financial obligations, which may make you more self-reliant.1

Independent Living

You may be able to consider more living options when you are financially independent. You may choose a new place to live or what type of community you wish to have. You may want to get your own apartment with included maintenance services or buy a house to build your asset base.2

Bigger Dreams

Once you have financial independence, you might dream bigger than before. Living independently and obtaining greater self-reliance were likely some of your original goals. If you have some success, you are able to focus on bigger dreams. For example, you may have dreams of traveling, starting a business, or owning a home on the beach. When you have financial independence, the opportunity to pursue your bigger dreams becomes more realistic.1

Greater Freedom

When you are financially independent, you have the freedom to make your own financial decisions without guilt or explanation. If you want to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, you do not need to ask permission or justify the decision to anyone.

Even if you are unable to have all of the benefits of full financial independence, getting on track to be able to cover your living expenses is a significant step toward greater economic freedom. Discover more options on how to pave your path towards financial independence by working with a financial professional.


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